Baby Boomer Affiliate Cooperative

Baby Boomer Affiliate Cooperative

Your retirement income isn’t enough! Perhaps affiliate marketing is the answer. You don’t want to work alone. How about an Affiliate Cooperative? If you’ve watched the video and you want to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, you can do so by clicking on the Review of Wealthy Affiliate link. What is an Affiliate Cooperative … Read moreBaby Boomer Affiliate Cooperative

How To Make Money From A Free WordPress Blog – It’s Not Rocket Science!

Make Money From a Free WordPress Blog

It’s all very well building a free WordPress website to blog to the world, but can you make money from a free WordPress Blog?

I have wondered about this many times until I found people doing just that! I will give you the evidence, show several people doing very well with free WordPress blogs.

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How To Create Your Own Blog Website For Free

Create Your Own blog website For Free

It’s easy and fun to create your own blog website, and I will show you how to create your own blog website for free, in under 30 minutes.

If you are in a hurry, then read my >>Review of Wealthy Affiliate<<, where I tell you about the best free hosting around! I will also tell you how you can learn to make money from your blog website.

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Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Education

Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate, to show you that I have found a trustworthy and promising new career as an affiliate marketer supported by Wealthy Affiliate using their winning formula.

My story started long ago. Having spent years, searching for jobs online, work at home. I’m now getting to an age when the 9 to 5 grind doesn’t work for me anymore.

This frustration led me to look for jobs online, where I could work at home. If you are reading this, you’re probably travelling along a similar path — so many dead-ends.

Many a false promise, and heart-breaking scams!

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in March 2017 and went ‘Premium’ within a few days.

If you sign up for a free account, then you can look me up as PaulREvans57 on Wealthy Affiliate, where I hang out most days, improving my online affiliate and SEO skills.

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What is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp About?


I am so stoked! I started my Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training six months ago. The first few months were difficult. The training is superb, but I’m not a good student! So, what is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp about, I hear you ask?

This week things have started to take off! My website was so slow it was affecting my SEO rankings. I set about removing plugins I didn’t need and optimised all the images on my website. Two days later, I’m ranking on google, and my traffic shot up. Crikey! I mentioned my success to my friend, and he asked what is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp all about?

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How To Create a Free Website For Affiliate Marketing

Create a Free Website For Affiliate Marketing - Under Construction

I’ve had my fingers burnt so many times. I understand why people want a free website for affiliate marketing, and it can be accomplished, without too much pain. I describe in simple steps, how to create a free website for affiliate marketing, and go on to learn to earn good money online.

You are in a situation where you want to build an online business, but you have no money. You don’t even have the cash for a computer or even an internet connection. Perhaps, you are out of work or retired, and on a limited income. You cannot afford to take the risk of losing what little money you have. But still, you want to do something to give yourself hope for something better.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing - Starting a Successful Business

Hello there. I know you have been looking around for ways to make money online. Well, who hasn’t heard of affiliate marketing?

If you have done some searching, you might be aware of affiliate marketing and how it has become a simple way of making passive income from the comfort of your home. Even if you aren’t mindful, hang around a bit more to learn about a very straightforward method of generating passive income.

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Super Affiliate Challenge Month One

SAC Month One

It all began back in March when Wealthy Affiliate invited members to apply to join the Super Affiliate Challenge Month One.

How it All Started

The Super Affiliate Challenge (SAC) is a series of tasks set each month. Until I have completed the previous month’s Tasks, the following month’s Tasks are not accessible.

Becoming a Super Affiliate With Wealthy Affiliate

These monthly challenges last twelve months, with the sole aim to push you out of your comfort zone and get stuff done. In doing so, my Bootcamp website should be in a state where it is generating an income.

In this way, Wealthy Affiliate acts as my accountability partner.

This year’s challenge officially began on April 10th, with the first month’s tasks lasting six weeks, through to May 20th.

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Ilys Review – How To Improve My Writing Skills

Pure Creative Flow

When I first thought of writing How To Improve My Writing Skills – Ilys Review, my need was to find an editor that would improve my writing skills. More importantly, an editor that would give free rein to my creativity and break my habit of editing my work on the go.

The solution is simple, as is the Ilys editor. You are blocked from backspacing, or any means of editing until you have achieved your word count.

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What Is The Isle of Man TT (Updated)

Parliament Square - Ramsey - TT Race Day

When you ask what is the Isle of Man TT, you have to think of the Road Racing Capital of the World. The Isle of Man TT, or to give its correct name, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy had its first race in 1907.

Up until last year (2018), there have been 99 TT Events, with breaks during the two world wars. 2019 will the 100th TT Race.

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