How to Complete a Task

It is all very well learning something new and shown how to do it right, but we still have to get off our butts and take action. Learn to complete a task.

Here I show you 4 steps to make things happen, get off your butt and get jobs done!

  1. Take action and make it happen
  2. Overcoming fear of failure
  3. Stop being a perfectionist
  4. Tips to getting things done

Take Action And Make it Happen

The bottom line is that you have to do stuff for things to happen. No amount of wishing, affirmations, the law of attraction or prayers is going to manifest things for you.

If you want organic traffic to your website, then you have to write SEO content or pay someone else to do this for you.

Either method is taking action. Inaction leads to no traffic, and your website is dead in the water.

With no action, then either one and sometimes both reasons will be the cause of your inaction — fear of failure and perfectionism.

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is probably the number one cause of most people’s inability to take action and do the work that they promised themselves that they would do.

Complete a Task - You will succeed

A considerable part of my youth was held back by this irrational fear. It took me many years to understand my procrastination but eventually, with the advent of the internet and readily available information and shared knowledge; I discovered the error of my ways.

To put everything I learned and to summerise into one short paragraph, it is this.

Failure is not to be feared! Failing should be welcomed, as without mistakes we will not learn. By learning what does not work, will ultimately succeed. Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2017, my digital marketing skills have grown immensely. Alongside the technical skills, my writing has improved in leaps and bounds.

If you read some biographies of today’s top success stories, you will find that most of them by far will have failed many times before they succeed.

What these successful people showed, is a belief in what they were doing and not giving up. They will always complete a task.

The second most frequent cause of people’s procrastination is perfectionism. Perfectionism is the root cause of not finishing to complete a task.

Stop Being a Perfectionist

I recently came across a Bob Newhart comedy sketch online. The Doctor’s solution to the patient’s problem was simple – STOP IT!

Bob Newhart – Stop It!

Many people make little progress in building their website, as they get tied up with getting the site, plugins, themes and especially content completed. Write your content and publish it.

Write how many words you set yourself and write (or get someone else to write), edit it for grammar errors and publish it. Stop trying to make it perfect, or worse still, not being able to complete the task. I say to you. Stop it!

Tips to Getting Things Done

Here is my list to get a few things done. Each one will help you to complete a task.

My first tip is a daily positive affirmation.

To get fire in my belly and to get my mind in the right state to take critical action, is to use positive affirmations. What you need to do is write your statements down and recite them every day. Eventually, our subconscious mind takes note, and our behaviour starts to change.

I Am

Writing down and reciting clear positive affirmations stating that your life is good, and I don’t fully understand the science, but change will happen, and I am now motivated to take action, and to write content again. As I write more, my writing becomes more fluid, and as a result, I’m spending I’m less time writing articles.

To get you started, here is a list of some positive affirmations.

I Am The Best I Can Be

You can modify these as much as you like. Build on these affirmations, and make them meaningful to your situation.

Do not feel self-conscious when reading these aloud. You don’t have to share this habit with anyone. You must decide that you will make changes to your life. No-one can do this for you.

My second tip is meditation.

I’m an Apple fan, and I use the “Oak” app on my iPhone, for my meditation seasons.

I have tried many guided meditation apps, and I found this one to be the best one for me. Here is a link to the Oak App on the iTunes store, and it is a non-affiliate link.

Oak Meditation App

I use this app daily, first thing in the morning; this started a few weeks ago with a 10-minute guided meditation session, followed by 15-minute sessions during the last week.

If you do not want to use meditation, then I suggest using prayer.

Either way, practice this daily and make it a habit.

It will quieten your mind and help make your day less stressful.

My third tip is to write something every day.

Do this at the same time of day. Fit this in with your affirmations. If your statement is to write five hundred words a day, then write at least five hundred words every day. Make it a habit!

Make this word-count every day, and make it count towards your primary money-making goal.

Try to write SEO content first, as this is what is going to build your business.

Failing that, the writing five hundred words across social media are not a total waste if it is related to promoting your business.

Complete a Task - Write Every Day

My reason for being here is to build SEO content and build my business, so this is my primary goal, but it may not be yours.

Maybe your primary goal is to write a book, and your website is secondary to your tome. You still need to write every day. Make it a habit.


In summary, you should take action. As it seems to be the number one reason that differentiates those people that succeed, and those that do not. If you are not taking action, it’s just a dream.

Therefore, it makes sense to take some action that moves you nearer your goal, however small it might be, to keep moving forward!

The top reason why people don’t take action is the fear of failure. Having spent my sixty plus years avoiding failure. I can tell you now, it sucks!

The stepping stones to success are the number of failures you have made. Without making failures, you are not going to learn what it takes to succeed.

Being a perfectionist cripples your ability to complete tasks. Being perfect takes too much time, do the job now, and move on. Just write what you think, you can come back to it tomorrow.

Take action, don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Just complete a task!

Have some relevant affirmations that you can recite daily. These will help to keep your momentum going through the tough times.

You can do it; you will do it, you are right to do it.

Take time-out each day for relaxation. Take up meditation or yoga. Chill out, and relax.

Why aren’t we writing better content? If you want to be an affiliate marketer, then write something every day. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

To read more about how I am getting things done, read my >>Review of Wealthy Affiliate<<

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