Start An Online Business Working From Home

In this modern world, almost everyone has a dream to start an online business working from home, being their own boss, and earning a comfortable living. How can we start this mystical online home business?

Here I describe one method that is working for me.

Beware of the Sharks When You start an Online Business

Start an Online Business - Beware of the Sharks

There are thousands of people in the online world which will sell a dream for cash. In too many cases, and I speak from experience, where you’ll say goodbye to your money, and the dream never materialises.

This can happen multiple times to the degree where you no longer trust anyone.

In most cases, the offer is too good to be true. The carrot will be huge! There will also be upselling.

What is upselling, I hear you ask? It is where a seller gets you to purchase a product at a low price, then once you’ve bought it, the seller will encourage you to make further purchases at increasingly higher prices.

If you’re sucked in it is hard to get out. You feel you have invested too much money to walk away and the seller knows this.

If you see this happening to you, my advice to you is to get out and get out quick before you lose all your money. Some upsells can go into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Stay Safe Online

Security - Stay Safe Online

If you are looking to start an online business opportunity from home, and you don’t want to lose your money then look for programs that are free to start, a sort of try-before-you-buy model.

Find one where you have a community chat room. This will allow you to speak to people you have been in the program some time, and you can gain useful insight into the suitability of the opportunity.

The legitimate business opportunity will offer these steps and more. You will feel comfortable and get a real feel for whether you are in the same environment or not.

If you are happy and you find that the free part of the product is of value, and the community are enthusiastic then you are in a better place to make an informed decision as to whether you upgrade to the paid product.

Do this right, and you can start learning how to make money online while working from home.

Start an Online Business in Affiliate Marketing

Start an Online Business - Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is my business of choice. It ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve tried other business, but they either required inventory, a fixed address, or growth was restricted.

There is never a better time to start an online business than now!

  • Low investment (though this means more of your time)
  • An internet business work from home, any time day or night
  • Can be operated anywhere you have an internet connection
  • You choose your own hours
  • Passive income
  • There is no limit to growth.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, you are affiliated to someone else’s business. You become a marketing person, advertising and recommending someone else’s products or services in return for commissions on sales.

This is a business model that had existed for decades, well before the internet opened up the world.

It is a vast market place, where you are no longer restricted to your location.

Welcome to the world that is Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing

As an example, a seller has a service or product being sold for $100. This seller has an affiliate business model.

An affiliate marketer signs up to this business model with the seller for 15% of any sales occurring from the affiliate marketer finding and directing customers to the seller, and the customer makes a purchase.

If in the above example the affiliate directs 2000 qualified customers in one month to the seller, and of those 2000 customers, only 5% purchase the $100 product or service.

The affiliate would receive in commission for that month 100 lots of $15 or $1,500. That’s $18,000 per year.

Scale this example up with multiple products and the potential is vast!

In many cases, some sellers have a lifetime referral scheme.

What this means is that once a customer has been referred by affiliate ‘A’ and makes a purchase, and then returns at a later date, and makes further purchases, then affiliate ‘A’ will receive additional commissions for these extra sales.

This is where passive income comes from. The affiliate gets earnings for no work. All the work was done initially in finding the customer.

Some of the smart, and wealthy, affiliates look after their referrals.

The better the affiliate looks after their referrals, the better customers these referrals become, and thereby earning maximum income for the affiliate.

Smart marketing!

Which Affiliate Business is Right for You

If you have taken in everything I have said above, then you are well prepared to look around the market place.

There are hundreds if not thousands of legitimate businesses that you can join to become an affiliate.

Are you ready to start an online business?

My preferred choice has to be Wealthy Affiliate, who do look after their affiliates.

There is a free trial before you buy training on marketing, building a WordPress website and even a free SiteRubix web domain.

This will teach you all you need to know in creating your own niche authority website.

For a more in-depth analysis of Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has an active and helpful community. No question is too daft. Members in the community were novices when they started and probably asked the same question when they started.

You will find some of the top members have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for several years and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

They are still active in the community, and they continue to give, and help people like you and me just starting out on their affiliate journey.

I say out loud to you now, YES, it is possible to earn money online and start an online business working from home.

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