Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are too old for Affiliate Marketing. Why would anyone buy from an older person? Seniors should sit down and watch TV!

Well, that’s what I thought until I got off my butt and thought, “Let’s Do This”! As an “old person” myself,

I thought it’s high time I wrote about my desire for affiliate marketing and why this website, Boomer Affiliate exists.

My passion is Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers.

You’re Too Old To Start A Business

You and I may be too old for many things. I find it a struggle doing my shoelaces up! I’m pretty sure, either my arms have got shorter, or my legs have got longer.

I’m a late starter bringing up a family, but that’s another story for another time.

Anyhow, number two son wants me to measure his height – these things matter to young teens. Where’s the tape measure then? The story is like this; I’m looking up at him, thinking “My he’s grown”.

I measure him three times, to be sure. “How come you’re only 5ft 4ins, son”? That can’t be right. The realisation is dawning on me slowly.

I’ve been 5ft 5ins all my adult life, and I’m shorter than my 5ft 4ins son. Aaaagh! I’m shrinking! This scenario is not a happy occasion, except for number two son!

Baby Boomer with an aching back

Ok, I have a bad back, and I’m shrinking. But, I am perfectly capable of starting a business!

I have a lifetime of accumulated knowledge. I’m pretty sure there’s an outlet for all this wisdom, out there on the big wide web!

Never tell me I can’t do anything. Red rag to bull!

Age Can Be A Benefit

As Baby Boomers, age can be a blessing. You and I are calmer than we have ever been. We have patience coming out of our ears.

Finding time to start a business is refreshing at a certain age when time is pretty much all we have. Well, with all this time, patience, and serenity, but no money, let’s start a business.

That’s about as far as I go with decision making. Wisdom wins!

Learning Is A Continual Process

I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. At the young age of fifteen, so very long ago, I left home and joined the Royal Navy as a boy sailor.

There are many fond memories that I will never forget of my year’s training at HMS Ganges, in Suffolk, England.

Since those fun teenage days, I have never lost my desire for learning. I have always been inquisitive, and I have always wanted to know how things work.

This curiosity is something that has stayed with me all my adult life. The dream of starting my own business has always nagged me. It is like an itch that won’t go away.

Senior Citizens Have Patience

Patience is not just a virtue. It’s a huge bonus when it comes to starting an online business!

My wife will be the first to tell you, I have mellowed as I’ve got older. Many things aren’t worth worrying about like they used to.

Come to think of it, why was I worrying about those things anyway?

Starting your business can be hard work. The fact that you are working hard for yourself does tend to dull the pain a little. As I am writing this, my back is aching, but hey, I don’t mind, I’m enjoying myself.

We Baby Boomers, are made of sterner stuff! Building your own business can be fun too!

I have met so many like-minded people online doing the self-same thing that I am doing, well not precisely the same thing. They have their niche business, and I have mine. But you know what I mean.

I’m over sixty! A few years ago, I came upon another website, all about a young seven-year-old lad who started his business in his local neighbourhood. His name is Ryan Hickman, and he famously said “Starting Your Own Business is Not That Hard”!

Ryan’s business is still going strong today – check it out! Ryan’s Recycling Business. If Ryan can do it, so can you!

Old People Forget Things

Who are you? No seriously, I lose my train of thought often, but it always returns after a short walkabout! How many times have you walked upstairs to do something only to forget why you went upstairs?

It happens to me many times. Frequently, I have to trot back downstairs and no sooner have I got to the kitchen, that I remember why I was heading upstairs.

I’ve done that a few times. Still, on a positive note, these events are helping with my daily steps.

Benefits Of Starting A Business

The benefits of starting a business are relatively universal. You are your boss. You are responsible. The money you earn is yours.

Well, some of it, it’s difficult to cut out the taxman! But that aside, do you prefer to work hard making yourself wealthy than working for someone else, making them wealthy?

Which one do you prefer?

Are there other benefits of working for yourself?

Working For Ourselves Permits Naps

You get to an age where shortly after lunch around about two to three pm that your energy levels plummet and all you need is a forty-minute nap. Fat chance! Get back to work!

So, we struggle on as best we can for those last couple of hours. Boy! Am I glad to get home! How about you?

Sleaping monkey - we all need a nap

If only you could work for yourself. You could take a break whenever you want — no sneaking out to the rest-room. No feeling guilty!

There’s another benefit of getting older. We only need a few hours sleep, and we’re always up early! Well, you might not be, but I’m invariably up with the lark!

If I set my alarm, my body clock seems to know when it’s time to get up. I’m awake and raring to go well before the alarm rings. Times have changed so much that I don’t even bother with the alarm!

Time Off For The Grandkids

Stopping and starting work when we want to without drawing those disapproving looks from the boss. Oh! How many times have you wanted to be somewhere else than sitting at your desk, aching back, cold feet, looking up at the clock!

You don’t want to be doing this anymore! There must be something else? Life should be better than this. What can you do?

Don’t Ignore Extra Income In Retirement

Tell me about it! I am sure you could do with extra cash. Can you think of all the things that you would do, if only you had the additional funds?

Foreign Travel Is Top On My List

Wintering in the sun, now we are talking! I don’t know about you, but my old bones do love a bit of sunshine in the winter months.

The trouble is, here in the northern hemisphere at 54º north, there not a lot of sun about at that time of year! Thailand is my favourite destination.

The climate is excellent, especially during, December, January and February. Neither too hot or too cold.

I Love Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Thai food is excellent, and now that I am a seasoned traveller to the Land of Smiles, I usually dine, “Street Food”, which is always tasty, easy to get and very cheap.

Using the street vendors, I can feed my self on a few bucks a day!

Thailand - The Land of Smiles

If you use the Thai hotels rather than the “International” hotels, you can save a packet there as well.

Finally, this leaves us with the costly business of flying to and from Thailand. If you shop around you can usually find a bargain.

There are new startup businesses who are dealing in reselling canceled holidays and flights. They are worth checking out.

My recommendation is a company which started up a few years ago – Transfer Travel. They always have a turnover of bargain deals.

Best Restaurants for Seniors

Fine dining is not usually an option when you are living on a limited income.

I, for one, am looking towards my retirement as a period of my life where I will have the money, and time to travel, visiting some of the top chefs in Thailand.

We wife and I would also like to visit some of the best restaurants in Thailand. The 5 star – Hotel Dusit – in Bangkok, for example.

Then we come to our hobbies, of course.

Enjoying Hobbies in Old Age

My favourite pastime is golf. We all have hobbies and sports we love. If only we had the money.

We have the time, but if you could earn a little extra cash each month, many more doors would be open.

There are some beautiful golf courses around the world. It would take me a lifetime to visit them all.

Baby Boomers - Lady Golfer

How about you?

What would you do if you have sufficient income to spend on whichever hobby or pastime, excited you the most?

Please leave a comment and let me know?

You’re Not Too Old To Be Successful!

I, for one, am enjoying the journey. The joy of learning still enthralls me.

Having spent over 40 years helping someone else get rich, learning to start my own business, is exciting. It’s my time now!

I have been trying to start a business online ever since websites first appeared.

Unfortunately, this new medium did not go unnoticed by some of the shadier characters around. I have lost money, time and my confidence, trying different business “opportunities” online.

Each time, it got harder to believe that perhaps this was going to be the one.

Wealthy Affiliate University

To cut my long story short, a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon “Wealthy Affiliate“.

What is this Wealthy Affiliate?

They do have an affiliate scheme, but that is not their primary business, and neither is it what I want to tell you about today.

Wealthy Affiliate’s strength and its primary business are teaching affiliate marketing.

Alongside this, they offer WordPress hosting on their SiteRubix domain.

Wealthy Affiliate Eduction

So what is their training all about, I hear you ask? Well, they keep it simple and start from helping you decide what business do you want online.

What will be your particular skill?

Find out more about What is a Niche?

Once you know your niche, Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to register a domain name, hosting your domain and creating a WordPress website.

They teach you step-by-step on how to do all this.

Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the methods of writing search engine optimised (SEO) content (Blogs) for your website, to draw traffic to your site.

Now that you have traffic, how do you monetise the website? Well, that is taken care of too.

Wealthy Affiliate will discuss various options to maximise your income, but their primary source is via affiliate marketing. We’re back where we started!

Amazon Affiliate Associates

One of the most significant affiliate marketing opportunities currently on the web, and one most people have heard of is Amazon.

Yes, Amazon runs it’s own affiliates program – Amazon Associates, and has grown to almost a million affiliates around the globe!

To be a successful Amazon Affiliate, you should be passionate about the products and write reviews that draw traffic to Amazon.

Amazon pays you a commission on any sales made from people that you have guided to an Amazon product.


Baby Boomers are NOT too old for affiliate marketing!

You can be a part of this fantastic opportunity for marketing products or services that you love.

Yes, you can build your business around your favourite pastime, craft or hobby, which would be your niche in the much larger market place.

Build a Free niche website, and follow the free 10 “Getting Started” lessons.

To read more about this opportunity and learn the ropes from one of the best affiliate marketing teaching schools, follow the link below and read my >>Review of Wealthy Affiliate<<

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