Gravatar Image in 5 Easy Steps

So, you want a Gravatar Image? Here I describe how to get a Gravatar Image in 5 easy steps. It couldn’t be any simpler than this!

Go to the Gravatar Website

Navigate to to set up a new account if you don’t already have one. If you have an existing WordPress account, then you already have a Gravatar account for the same email address, that you used for your WordPress account. If you do already have an account, then Sign In. Otherwise, you will need to create a new WordPress/Gravatar account.

Create a Gravatar Account

If you already have a WordPress account, then you already have access to Gravatar, in which case, Sign-In with your username and password.

If you have not used WordPress or Gravatar before then you will need to create a new account. When you create an account, it becomes active on both WordPress and Gravatar using the same password that you will create; this is what is termed, as a “Single Sign-On”.

What Does a Single Sign-On Mean?

A Single Sign-On means a shared cookie. So that, if you sign in to your WordPress account and then open a tab and go to Gravatar and click “Sign In”, Gravatar will recognise the WordPress cookie and automatically sign you in. No need to sign in again. This feature works both ways.

Signing in For the First Time

Click on the “Create” hyperlink, immediately below the “Continue” button.

Enter your email address, choose a username, and choose a secure password.

After some additional questions, you are in, and the Dashboard is displayed.

You will be sent an email to the email address that you provided. When you receive the email, click on the “Activate Now” button in the email, verify your email address.

Notice: In your email, the heading in the body of the email will state “Welcome to (and Gravatar)”.

Manage Gravatars

Gravatar Image - Manage Gravatars

Here you can add email address by clicking on the “Add email address” link. You don’t need to create separate accounts! But, there is nothing to stop you from doing so, if that is how you want to manage your Gravatar Images.

If you don’t have any images yet, you will be looking at the image above.

Add One by Clicking Here!

You can add a new image by clicking on the “Add one by clicking here!” link. Or by clicking on the “Add a new image” link further down the page. They both take you to the same place.

Upload an Image For Your Gravatar Image

Upload New

From this page, you can upload an image by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button. Once the choose-file window opens, browse your computer to locate the picture you want to upload, click on the image and (depending on the OS you are using, click the ‘Choose’ or the ‘Open’ button.

If the image is uploaded successfully, it will be displayed, along with a small preview and a large preview.

Here you will have the option to crop the image.

From URL

If you had an image you wanted to use which was already online and you know the URL, then enter or paste the URL link to that photo here and Gravatar will copy it over.

Click the ‘Next’ button to fetch the image.

If the image is retrieved successfully, it will be displayed, along with a small preview and a large preview.

Here you will have the option to crop the image.

Cropping The Image

Crop the image by click-and-drag the edges of the picture.

Notice the previews adjust as you crop.

When you are happy with your image, click the “Crop Image” button. A new page will display, asking for the image rating. The default is set to ‘G’ – This gravatar is suitable for display on all websites with any audience type.

Gravatar Image - Gravatar Ratings

After you have chosen the appropriate rating, click the ‘Set Rating’ button, to return to the Manage Gravatars page. I do hope you always choose an image rated ‘G’ for your avatar! A ‘PG’ you might be OK.

If you are in Affiliate Marketing, then my advise is always use ‘G’ rating image. Affiliate Marketers are sensitive to their Page Authority and Domain Authority. Anything that could adversely affect either of those is to be avoided!

Gravatar Image - Manage Gravatars

Past Uploads

In Past Uploads will be listed all the photos you may have loaded to this account previously.

As this is your first time, this page would be empty, except for the heading; “Use an existing photo”.

You Now Have a Gravatar Image

In WordPress or any other site that is linked to Gravatar, where you already have an account with an email address that matches one listed in Gravatar, your Gravatar image will be displayed alongside your name on that website.

Gravatar Menu Options

At the top-right of the Gravatar page, your account email is displayed, and to the right of this is the Gravatar icon (G rotated anti-clockwise 90º). That icon is the menu button!

Gravatar Rating

Listed in the Gravatar menu are shortcuts to all the main features, as well as the “Log Out” option.


There you have it. It could not be easier. I hope you were able to follow my walk-through and you now have the Gravatar that you wanted? If you like my tutorial, then please bookmark my website and come back again soon. Better still, why not sign up to my Newsletter, where I can keep you updated with anything new in the world of affiliate marketing, and get notified whenever I post a new article.

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