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This best Affiliate Programs portal for the Best Affiliate Programs To Promote is here; built by affiliates for affiliates! Cross-referenced and indexed to enable quick searching for the very best in Affiliate Programs for you and your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate has spent two years in developing, the very newest platform launched on Wealthy Affiliate. Another tool in the arsenal of Wealthy Affiliate members.

What is this Affiliate Programs?

It’s difficult to find affiliate programs. It is not impossible, just time-consuming! All that searching. Checking them out, can they be trusted? Will they pay me? Are they independent or part of a network? How easy is it to join?

Once you have found an affiliate program that you interests you, and with one click of a button, you’ve saved that program to a file for later review. You can categorise your lists for ease of reference. The next time you are starting a new campaign or creating a new niche website, you only need to look in the relevant categorised list to choose the best affiliate program for you.

Affiliate Programs with Wealthy Affiliate

Also, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just include any old Affiliate Program. Before Affiliate Programs accepts a new Program, it has to be approved by Wealthy Affiliate. It must be of high quality and actively managed. Wealthy Affiliate is working hard with the affiliate merchants to make this work for everyone, merchants and affiliates alike.

Researching and managing your affiliate programs has never been easier. I was looking through the new Affiliate Programs platform, and though I knew of some of the networks, most of the merchants, I had no idea that they ran an affiliate program (also called a partner program). Did you know in the UK that Tesco Groceries runs an affiliate program? No, neither did I!

How Easy is it to Use?

Using the Affiliate Programs platform couldn’t be simpler.

Various filters can be set to narrow down your search. These filters are:

Search Filters

Country Availability – is the affiliate program available in your country? If it’s not available in your country, then there is no point in proceeding with that program.

Payout Options – what are the payout options? PayPal, Direct Payment, Wire, Cheque, ACH, or Payonee.

Auto Approval – is the approval automatic or do you have to go through an approval procedure?

Rating – How have other affiliate marketers rated this program?

Commission percentage or monetary amount – How much money does the program offer per sale? Is it based on a percentage of the product cost, or is it a set monetary sum?

Network Fee – Which network is this program part of, or is it an independent program, like Wealthy Affiliate?

Once you have applied your filters or left them as per the defaults, a list of affiliate programs is displayed. You can scroll through this list and click on the ‘Follow’ button for those that interest you.

Can I Bookmark Affiliate Programs I Like?

Clicking on an Affiliate Program ‘Follow’ button enables you to follow and keep track of a particular program, and save them to categories (or named buckets) for ease of reference.

To read the details of that Affiliate Program, click into it and read the brief overview of the program. From this page, you can view the Affiliate program website, list your affiliate links (once you have joined the plan), and browse the program metrics: Commission, whether Auto Approval is available, the commission currency, the payout options, minimum payout and country availability.

Save to a Category

There is a Communication tool, which allows you to contact the affiliate merchant. Discuss your experience with the program and ask questions about the program.

Within this communication tool, you will be able to leave a report of that program.

Also on the affiliate program page, you have the option to write a review (if you have experience of that program), this helps fellow affiliate marketers, that may follow along after you, looking for their next campaign.

Are These The Best Affiliate Programs?

As well as independent affiliate programs, there are many big household name companies offering affiliate programs. I was amazed at how many companies I was unfamiliar with who are listed.

I was even more astonished to see the number of big company names that I had no idea they were offering affiliate programs. There are so many opportunities online to enable individuals like you and me, to start their own business, working from (I was going to say home) anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection.

Come to think of it you can travel and not have an internet connection, and still run your business. You do need a phone, though! I wish I knew about this years ago!

There are hundreds of listings available across many business sectors, with over one hundred listings in the Travel sector alone. The list is growing!

Here is a list of some of the big household names, that most people will have heard of, offering affiliate programs via the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Programs portal.

  • Yahoo
  • Trivago
  • Expedia
  • Agoda
  • AXA Insurance
  • Emirates Airlines
  • British Telecom (BT Business)
  • Dyson
  • Swarovski
  • B & Q (UK)
  • Safeway (UK)
  • Tesco (UK)
  • Co-Op Electrical (UK)
  • Post Office (UK)
  • Marks And Spencer (UK)

There are many US and Canadian companies also listed, but their names are unknown to me.

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How Would This Work in The Real World?

Let’s take an example – Tesco.

Imagine Tom, who has a catering/cooking niche website, where he regularly posts articles off his recipes, and money saving shopping tips. Tom has been doing this for eighteen months and has built up quite a following.

Tom already shops regularly with Tesco and often uses the home delivery service. He loves his Clubcard and is always on the lookout for promotions and specials, which he then writes about on his blog. Tom spends about £450 per month on his Tesco shopping.

Tesco Affiliate Program

Let us suppose, that Tom has just arrived at the Affiliate Programs portal, and stumbled upon Tesco’s affiliate program listing. He sees that the commission is £6 for each new customer. Tom quickly realises that Tesco’s affiliate program would fit nicely into his website, and based on his regular tips and Tesco specials, he could link his recommendations via an affiliate link to the products mentioned in his blog on the Tesco website.

A few months down the line, Tom is no longer paying for his monthly shop at Tesco. Tesco is now paying him! Tom’s website is growing from strength to strength and the talk-of-the-town. His blog has gone viral, and he is regularly referring over 100 new customers to Tesco, every month?


Wealthy Affiliate has plans to work with the Affiliate Merchants and help these merchants further, to manage their programs within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Programs is an ongoing project, so keep a look out for further updates soon to the Affiliate Platforms.

The benefits of getting involved with the Affiliate Programs is that you will be able to receive notifications of new affiliate programs as they become available.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to get niche related assistance and insider information about particular programs, promotional strategies, time-sensitive opportunities and new notifications on upcoming launches.

Wealthy Affiliate has plans to bring together merchants and affiliates to work closer together than ever before.

Many successful companies have come to realise that affiliate marketers are the mainstay of their online business; this is unlikely to go away in the foreseeable future as companies continue to look for ways to increase their market share and profits.

Many of these affiliate merchants are Fortune 500 companies. The future looks great! The future is Wealthy Affiliate.

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