Baby Boomer Affiliate Cooperative

Your retirement income isn’t enough! Perhaps affiliate marketing is the answer. You don’t want to work alone. How about an Affiliate Cooperative?

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What is an Affiliate Cooperative

You want to build a website and earn extra money utilising affiliate marketing? How about getting together with some friends, pooling your skills?
 What skills do you need that will make the job easier?

  • The Writer – the more, the merrier.
  • The Tech Guy – Can understand WordPress and all the tech stuff.
  • A Photographer/Video Guy – Is there someone happy to face the camera?
  • The Organiser – The list maker, arranging the daily task list, and meetings.

You’re stronger in a team. It helps with the motivations. When things don’t work out, it’s a shared burden. Brainstorming is easier when there’s more than one brain!

The Writer

The Writer

If your whole team can write, all the better. But what if the whole team can’t write? Not being a writer needn’t stop you. Find the best writers in your group. They will be your mainstay. The rest of the team needn’t be idle. They can work on researching on behalf of the writers, undertaking keyword research. Learn the Alphabet Soup method.

The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy

Do you have someone who is the natural geek in the team? He or she would be invaluable for getting WordPress up and running, installing a Theme, plugins etc. they can investigate the tech problems when they arise, and they will crop up from time to time.

The Photographer/Videographer

The Photographer

Who in the team can face the camera without freezing up? They can work with the Tech Guy in setting up the studio for photo shoots, webcasts and podcasts.

The Organiser

The Organiser

An equally indispensable team member. Can they use a Kanban Board? If not, can they learn to use one? How about the good old fashioned, Diary?

Writing Tools – Which is the Best

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing an editor or word processor. Everyone has their own opinions on which is the best. Ultimately, you want one that offers you, the Writer, the most convenience.

For learning all you need to know about writing good Search Engine Friendly (SEO) content, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

Basic Text Editors

I use or have used, a basic text editor like Windows Notepad and Apple Notes. Both of these are basic formatting, other than bold and italics, for example. But what they do have is ease of use. When you have an idea, you want to write it down as quickly as possible before that thought has gone.

The two most popular operating systems on the mobile phone market is Apple IOS and Android. I’ve already talked about the Apple Notes app, so which one is the most popular on the Android operating system (OS)? Keeping it simple and straightforward to use, I would go for the Notepad Free. You can see a selection of Android Text Editors of all kinds in the Play Store.

Word Processors

When Processing Words; Carpe Diem

There are three Word Processors that I tend to use. These are Apple Pages, Windows Word and Google Docs.

I have been using Windows Word since it first came into being. It is the one I am more familiar with, and I have it installed on my Windows notebook and my iMac.

Online Editors

Google docs

I use WordPress for my websites. The WordPress editor I use for formatting and publishing my articles is the Gutenberg Editor. Though this is great for formatting the layout of a web page, it’s not so hot when outlining an article. Depending on the internet connection, I found it slows me down. I found this is pretty much the same with many online editors, with one exception – Google Docs. I am using this at the moment in the Chrome browser, and I am not experiencing any delays in the screen updating my text as I type. The ‘Save’ function also works without fault.

As I’m a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, I am encouraged to use the Wealthy Affiliate SiteContents editor for writing, formatting and publishing posts to my linked WordPress blog. SiteComments does have its limitations, with regards to formatting. One of the features of SiteContents that I like is the writing Stats and Goals. This does leep me focused on my writing goals. It has its proprietary Spelling and Grammar checker, though I am a Grammarly subscriber.

HTML Editors

HTML Editors

Again, like word processes, these can be a little overkill for most needs when it comes to just getting ideas down, along with some basic formatting, i.e. Header tags and bullet lists.

I am for this article typing this up using a combination of two editors. Two? Yes, two!

As I spend 99% of my time writing on Apple devices; iMac, iPad and iPhone, I use Drafts for quick note taking and Ulysses for formatting my notes into publishable articles. I am sure there are equally good apps offered by (Android) Google Play Store that give similar functionality.

Recommend Writing Tools For an Affiliate Cooperative

Drafts For Rapid Notes

‘Drafts’ is fast and straightforward to use. It is always ready to record your notes quickly. These notes are synced seamlessly to iCloud and imported to your favourite editor.


It allows me to think, and I don’t have to write.

The draft dictation seems to be quite intelligent. Drafts hooks into Siri to make use of its ability to record and interpret speech. It is limited to around 1 minute of dictation, but there are ways around this. Drafts dictation does allow me to write notes without having to deal with my fat finger syndrome. It’s reasonably accurate in interpreting my speech.

If Drafts dictation works as well as I think it’s working, then I will have to consider cancelling my Dragon Naturally subscription and continue to use Drafts. So far, I like it!

Ulysses For Markup

The beauty of using both Drafts and Ulysses is that they sync with iCloud. By syncing with iCloud the Draft texts and the Ulysses markup are always available across all Apple devices.

It doesn’t matter where I am working, be it at my desk or on the move, I can get my thoughts typed up immediately.

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing


WordPress is my website building platform of choice. For the Tech Guy, this is an area that he or she needs to get to grips with fairly quickly. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to become an expert in using WordPress, its Themes and Plugins.

WordPress is free and brings your beautiful designs with all the features you could need. You have the freedom to build the website that you desire.

Creating Images and Videos to Enhance Your Content is a breeze with Canva. I highly recommend that you learn to use Canva as I have. It will save you a lot of time and heartache.

Once you learn your way around, it really is very simple to use.


For creating images, I mostly use either my photos or free stock photos from Pixabay.

Pixabay Stock Photos

To optimise my images, I use the free Canva and use ‘Create a Design’ and ‘Custom Dimension’. I then upload my photo and use that as my background. I can then overlay this with text, and any other graphics from Elements.

If I want to add a graphics and it is not in Elements, then I will find a free one and upload that into Canva, and then include that into my custom sized image.

When I am happy with my image, I download it from Canva to a local drive either as a PNG or JPG as appropriate. JPG is better for straight photos. PNG is better for graphics.

When Canva downloads the image, Canva compresses to a JPG much smaller than a PNG. For a 545 x 200 image, the PNG is around 250 KB, whereas the JPG is about 30KB, and when viewed, they look very similar.


Windows 10 has its own generic video editing tool which is ‘hidden’ in the Photos app, under Video projects. It does all the based stuff and does have some excellent features.

I use an Apple iMac and the iMovie app for editing my videos, which works very well for me.

Running an Affiliate Cooperative

Consideration will have to be given to running a cooperative and may require legal advice. To save arguments in the future, I suggest formalising some legal agreement between the co-op members. The cooperative would own the website, and be responsible for the website expenses.

Any profits from the cooperative could be shared out among the co-op members monthly, quarterly or annually, as best suited and agreed.

The alternative would be for each member to own their own website and for the team to collaborate in the building of all the sites, sharing the load and supporting one another along the way.

The Organiser

The organiser will have there work cut out, keeping everything up together and making sure everyone does there bit. Whoever is elected to take on the responsibility of the organiser will have to discipline themselves well. They will have to check-in daily and make sure that everything is all going to plan.

They will have to ensure that everyone understands what they are doing and that everyone knows what everyone else is doing.


Working as a team can be a blessing for those that struggle to get motivated to learn and execute all the tasks required to build a successful affiliate marketing business. So, by sharing the responsibilities and sharing the burden, as well as motivating one another when times are tough.

The comes the point when was a team you have built a successful business, that you may decide the sell the website and split up. With the gained knowledge you may want to do your own thing. Maybe not. It is up to you.

This arrangement will never suit those that only want to go it alone. But it is a viable alternative if you lack the confidence and skills to do everything yourself.

In executing this plan of action well, there are the makings of a thriving business. It’s all about the team and how well they work together. I can see the opportunity for this to work around the globe with people working remotely.

A cooperative is not a new concept, but it is one that I not yet come across within the digital marketing world.

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