How To Make Money From A Free WordPress Blog – It’s Not Rocket Science!

How To Make Money From A Free WordPress Blog – It’s Not Rocket Science!

It’s all very well building a free WordPress website to blog to the world, but can you make money from a free WordPress Blog?

I have wondered about this many times until I found people doing just that! I will give you the evidence, show several people doing very well with free WordPress blogs.

How You Can Get Started With A Free WordPress Blog

So many people stumble into WordPress, click a few buttons and select the default Theme, and start writing blogs.

I did this too in the early days. I still have my old blog on blogger I created years ago back in 2004. You can view my Old Blogger Site, and yes, it is very amateurish. But, it was my first blog.

Back then, in 2004, I had no idea about Content, headlines, SEO or organic (free) traffic. Not a thought crossed my mind that if I had done it correctly, I could earn money from my blog.

A lot has changed since then, and now, not only do I have a (paid for) WordPress Blog, but I am learning how to market the site, what search engine optimisation (SEO) means and how I can get free traffic to my website.

Once I am getting free organic traffic (free traffic from search engines, like you), I am learning many ways to earn money from my website visitors.

People Like You Making Money From Free WordPress Blogs

Bryon started his free WordPress Blog little believing that he would become the success that it did. He kept working at it. Leaving for months at a time to work on other projects, then returning and adding more Content.

Free SiteRubix Website Google Analytics

Some seven to eight months later, Bryon returned, and to his amazement, he was getting about 400 unique visitors per day! Sixty-five per cent of these were free search engine visitors and amounted to over four thousand visitors for one month in 2013.

I haven’t made this up. Click on the image above to the Wealthy Affiliate blog post where he wrote about this very event.

Proof Is In The Pudding

This idea has inspired me to not only prove this myself but to take action and build my very own free WordPress Blog, monetise it and show to the world that yes, not only can it be done, but that I will prove you can make money from a free WordPress Blog.

As time progresses, I will Link from here to another article [Name yet to be decided] and record my progress for all to see.

This exercise will be the undeniable proof that you can be successful with a free WordPress blog.

5 Steps To A Successful Blog Post

In simple terms, there are five steps to a successful blog post [I go into more detail here – How To Write a Successful Blog Post]. There I list my five steps to writing a successful blog post.

A Basic Blog Post for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your word count should be at least 1,000 words. Fifteen-hundred words would be better. The best length is around 1,800 words if you can manage it.

Concentrate on giving value for money. If you want to keep your visitors attention and not have them ‘Bounce’ off your website, then you will have to deliver first-rate and value-driven Content.

After all, they are spending their time reading your words, hoping you answer the question they asked in the search engine. If you don’t deliver, they will leave. Probably, never to return.

Write An Introduction to Make Money From a Free WordPress Blog

Write a short introductory paragraph, no longer than 160 characters. This paragraph should include your keywords or phrase. For a 1,000-1,500 word article, you should only repeat these keywords three times in your blog post.

Your keywords should be in your title, or heading, in the first paragraph and repeated a second and third time later in your article, and that is all.

Write Four to Five Sections

Keep your sections small, no more than about 300 words. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and do not use overly complicated words.

You want to make your Content easy to read and not frustrate your reader by using complex sentence structures. You want to keep your readers and not bore them to the extent that they leave.

If you follow these rules, then your writing will fit into the recommended Flesch reading scale of between 60 and 70, or a USA 8th grade student.

Each of these four or five sections should have a respective sub-heading.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

I have already said, keep your reading style comfortable. Don’t make it difficult for your readers.

Try to write informally. Write as if you are talking to a friend. A little humour goes a long way.

Writing The HeadLine

The headline is perhaps the most critical piece of any article you will post on your blog. So much so, I will leave this until last.

What you write in your headline, or title, determines whether the person browsing the search results will be drawn to click on your Link and not someone else’s Link.

“The most important part of writing an article is the headline” – Jeff Goins.


Each article should have a closing section. This closing section has a sub-heading ‘Conclusion’ but is not always the case. Wiser SEO writers than I stick with ‘Conclusion’ and I see no reason to differ.

I hope that what I have written has been informative and that it has answered your question on whether you can make money from a free WordPress Blog.

Your final paragraph should be your last Call To Action or CTA. This CTA might be to sign-up to a newsletter or a free offer.

It may be a link to another article within this site, or it may be an invitation to follow an Affiliate Link in the hope that you make a purchase and earn the author a commission.

In this article, my primary CTA is for you to click on the WA Education banner below, or this Link to visit my Review of Wealthy Affiliate.
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14 thoughts on “How To Make Money From A Free WordPress Blog – It’s Not Rocket Science!”

  1. I’m interested in creating my blog, but I don’t like to deal with the search engines as it sounds very complicated to me. You know, that technical stuff involving search engines optimization and other myriads of ways to court Google. 

    What I want with my planned blogging is just post and share to social media. Can I become successful at blogging without thinking of the search engines? I mean, just everyday posting of what I thoughts online without thinking of keywords and other SEO stuff.

    • Hi Gomer,

      You can work without search engine optimisation, but it is a bit of a scatter-gun approach. If you have a large following on social media and you don’t mind paying for Pay-Per-Click, then you make a decent living that way.

      I prefer to cover all my bases. I do use social media, but I also like to know what it is that people are searching. It seems a waste of my time to be writing stuff that no-one wants to read.

      Many thanks,

  2. Thank you for this straight to the point article on creating a successful blog and making money with even a free WordPress site. 

    I am new to affiliate marketing and found these tips and tricks on point! Most I have already learned via the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

    What you have written is an excellent refresher with a few new tips! Those who are looking to get into or are new to affiliate marketing will find this helpful :). 

    • Thank you, Sherry, for your comments.

      I am pleased to read that you are finding Wealthy Affiliate worthwhile and learning new skills.

      Best wishes,


  3. Thank you for this great article about making money with a free WordPress blog.  

    I am new to affiliate marketing, so I am still learning writing blogs and other relevant things. So this is a useful article for me. 

    Thank you for describing each of the contents with detailed information. It is beneficial.  Thanks again for this informative article. 

    • Hi, Fahim,

      I am pleased that you found my article helpful and informative. Good luck in your journey into affiliate marketing. There are some extraordinary benefits with joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I go into more detail in my >>Review of Wealthy Affiliate

  4. Hi Paul,

    A great rundown, I love WordPress personally, its connectivity, simple to follow steps make it very easy to take on board as you learn via the Wealthy affiliate program.

    I started the same way, having seen WordPress from a woo-commerce perspective for reporting and sales data review, not being the person creating the blogs or storylines.

    It has been refreshing to use and has helped me no end.

    • Hi Shane,

      People use blogging mainly for generating traffic. If you don’t want to blog, then there is the option of building a website and creating a landing page, then paying for ads on social media and perhaps getting other people to market your site via a referral method using Clickbank, for example. 

      The whole point of my article is to show people that it is possible to create a website and build a business online for no money down. People have done it!

      All the best,

  5. Hey, thanks a lot for this post. I am happy to read that what I am doing with my blogs is in tune with what you have recommended here. My Blogs are always at least 1,500 words long. I wrote one last month that was over 4,000 words. I had a lot to say on that topic. LOL

    I love free WordPress blogs, and I know they are one of the most popular websites/blogs that most people use. I went to a seminar several years ago and a guy by the name of Matt Cutts, who worked at Google, said that if we use WordPress to blog, Google will like us more than if we used some other method.

    According to Matt, WordPress makes it so much easier for Google to crawl and index our content. It seems that other blogging options give Google headaches. So I have been using WordPress ever since, and now the information you have shared here has motivated me to learn more.

    • Excellent work, Robert.

      Thank you very much for your helpful comments. I read somewhere that the average length of a webpage on page one of Google is about 1,800 words. That means there will be many pages of several thousand words in length. 

      Equally, there will be some web pages listed of only 500 words. It’s much to do with relevancy.

      Best wishes,


  6. Hi Paul –

    Starting to write a new blog post can be hard so this guide is a great breakdown on the process. Splitting a large piece of writing down into smaller manageable chunks is the winner’s way of getting it done.

    Once I’ve written the sub-headings for a post, I feel I’ve almost written the article! 🙂

  7. Hi Paul,

    I am new to the Affiliate Marketing world, and I am enjoying WordPress and how easy I have been able to learn to use it. I always wanted to have a website to share information and help people.

    I am super excited that I have two WordPress sites. Your article provides excellent information on SEO and what is needed to write a good article/post. I think it is essential to write a good long post that is informative and helpful to the readers.

    Thank you for sharing and helping others.


    • Hi Ana,

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am pleased that the article offered some guidance. As I said in the title, it’s not rocket science.

      A good tip is to keep a checklist handy of all the things that need to be covered whenever you write an article. It has been talked about frequently, but few people write it down and follow the steps.

      Best wishes,

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