WordPress Ninja Forms – 2019 Review

Ninja Forms

WordPress Ninja Forms has clocked up over 16 million downloads. Regularly improved with frequent updates, WordPress Ninja Forms plugin is kept up to date.

Should I Install WordPress Ninja Forms

WP Ninja Forms is Freemium! By that, I mean the basic plugin is free with a few of its tools, like Contact Form. But, many of the add-ons come at a premium. These add-on tools extend the functionality of Ninja Forms.

Developers have made every effort to make Ninja Forms easy to use; this is great for webmasters who can concentrate on what they do best.

WP Ninja Forms is translation ready, enabling you to add a Ninja Form in your language.

Ninja Forms, built with third-party developers in mind. For example, there are many functions, actions, and filters, which allow for easy customisation.

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