What is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp About?


I am so stoked! I started my Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training six months ago. The first few months were difficult. The training is superb, but I’m not a good student! So, what is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp about, I hear you ask?

This week things have started to take off! My website was so slow it was affecting my SEO rankings. I set about removing plugins I didn’t need and optimised all the images on my website. Two days later, I’m ranking on google, and my traffic shot up. Crikey! I mentioned my success to my friend, and he asked what is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp all about?

How to Build an Online Business

How can I build an online business is a subject close to many people’s hearts. Today, people no longer have the security of a job. Many have come to realise their only way for them to have a decent living, security and freedom, is to carve their path. Doing this is no small feat. Most of us with day jobs have little or no experience of starting their own business.

Build an Online Business

For someone like me, a Baby Boomer nearing retirement, I wanted to find a flexible business. What I mean by that is paid work where I can work the hours that I want, from wherever I happen to be and does not cost a massive amount of money to start up. That is a tall order, but I think I have found the answer with affiliate marketing.

What do I know about affiliate marketing? Well, a lot more than I did six months ago! As it turns out, Affiliate Marketing is decades old, and as a business model, goes way before the internet.

What is an Affiliate?

An established business has a product or service to sell. But, these businesses need customers that will come to their place of business and buy whatever it is that they are selling. So far, so good.

The next thing for the business with no customers is to decide how they are going to market their business. Traditional advertising can be expensive. An alternative to expensive advertising is to launch an affiliate program. So, what is an affiliate?

Marketing [ This is the Sign You've Been Looking For

In short, an affiliate is a marketing person and can be a salesperson. The Affiliate represents the company very loosely and is only affiliated with the company but not employed by the company.

Finding Leads or Traffic

It is the affiliate’s business to market the company’s product or service and finds people who might be interested in the product. The Affiliate may then filter these prospects by writing blogs or a funnel page, and convert the Prospect to a potential customer.

Once the lead is interested, the affiliate will refer that potential customer to the company.

Converting Traffic to Customers

If the referred customer purchases the company, then the company on making a sale will pay the referring affiliate a commission, which can be small, but it can also be a big commission for a high-ticket product.

It depends on the product or service, and what value the customer is to the company. So, there is little risk to the company regarding marketing and advertising, with the potential of gaining massive numbers of customers.

Where the affiliate marketing business has taken off is with the advent of the internet and a global market. Companies and affiliates both have the whole world with whom to do business.

How to Build a Website

When I started the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, the first thing that I learnt was to navigate around WordPress; this took some getting used too. My web skills were limited and harked back to the beginning of the millennium! Anyway, as it turned out, WordPress is a fantastic front-end to all the complicated code.

I quickly got to grips with choosing a theme (layout and design) of my website and moved swiftly on to creating the first pages for my “Blog”, which will contain the articles that I post online. Then there are the other static pages for “About Me” and “Privacy and Terms”. Once I have completed the Menu structure, I was good to go.

Building a Website

Now all I had to do was to write new and engaging articles that met with my target audience interests and build up the traffic (visitors) to my website.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is all about teaching how to build “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO) websites, and writing engaging SEO friendly content! You can use paid advertising, and that is always an option, but the first drive in the Bootcamp is to build an SEO website that gets good rankings on the search engines for your keywords. It’s all about getting free organic traffic.

How to Research Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type in to search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These might be words like “spell superfluous”, or “what’s the weather for tomorrow”. It might also be more questioning like, “how can I earn money online from home”. These are all keywords. The example I have just given is called a long-tailed keyword.


These long-tailed keywords become quite specific, and therefore these searches are small in number, but still recorded by search engines each month. Because of the low number of searches, and it’s specific query, very few websites bother to target that exact search specifically. As such, it is relatively easy for a newcomer to blogging, to get onto page one of the search results by servicing these long-tailed keywords.

One popular way of finding these little known long-tailed keywords is to use the alphabet soup method.

The Alphabet Soup method is beautifully described by clicking on the alphabet below.

Alphabet Soup Technique

I fully endorse Jaaxy for researching keywords. It is easy to use and makes my life a lot easier. Those elusive long-tailed keywords jump out at you. These are the bread-and-butter of my business. It’s the best soup in the house!

How to Write Great Content

The success of a website is its content. For the material to be successful, your headline serves two purposes. First, it must draw people’s attention; this is a fine art in itself. Look at any newspaper, especially the front page! They all vie for your consideration. The purpose of the front-page headline is to get you to want that paper. All the other sub-headlines are all there to keep your focus on that newspaper away from a competitor press.

A website should be no different. I suggest reading some favourite copywriting books and brush up on those headline skills.

Newspaper Headlines

The second purpose of the content headline is to incorporate the keywords of your long-tailed keyword search term. You should try to make the heading meaningful.

“What is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp About” is aimed at a particular audience, and it paraphrases a search term used in search engines like Google and Bing. The first paragraph should expand on the headline and incorporate the same keywords into the flow of the text.

The rest of the content should, section by section, explain certain aspects related to the main heading. Section headings should also all relate to the headline.

In wrapping up the content, you can provide a conclusion or a summary, depending on the type of content. You should always end your last section with a call to action. Maybe you might invite the reader to click a button, subscribe to a newsletter, or read a review.

Branding Your Business

All bloggers aim to build a following. With that in mind, a serious blogger should consider branding their business, which helps in two ways. If a visitor reads an article of yours, and your content has a brand in some way, then this visitor would be more likely to read another article they may stumble upon in the future, if your text displayed the same branding.

I was stuck! I knew nothing about design and branding or logos. Wealthy Affiliate told me about Fiverr, and with that thought, if I can’t do something myself, then learn it, or pay someone better able to do it! I went on the Fiverr website and searched for a minimalist logo and found Naeem Ullah.

Fiverr makes it easy to find someone with the right skills, to do the work that you cannot do.

My Logo

The result of result of my visit to Fiverr is shown below. I love the cash sitting in the rocking chair!

Boomer Affiliate - Cash in a Rocking Chair

People like familiarity and are more likely to stay with things they like. We are creatures of habit. We feel more comfortable surrounded by things we love.


My journey into online affiliate marketing started many years ago. I had many false starts and many false hopes, created by others who did not have my welfare in mind, costing me a lot of money, time and confidence.

With my confidence ebbing away, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate – I was still looking for my pot of gold!

What a change this was to my life. Here was somebody offering to teach me how to get ahead in affiliate marketing online, for no money down! I started the free ten lessons on getting started, which included how to host, and set up a website.

The lessons covered the basics of navigating WordPress, choosing a theme, and how to research and write content. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years, I’m a premium member, and I’m still learning!

Do you want to learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you, then click on the Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review! Button below.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

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