You Can Think; You Can Write.

You Can Think; You Can Write.

Anyone can write! No, If You Can Think; You Can Write. It is that simple! Just keep writing! Stop overthinking the problem!

When in reality, all that we have to do is write what we are thinking. That is all there is to it. I have simplified the answer under 75 words. To explain in detail will take longer.

  1. Overthinking the problem
  2. Negative self-talk
  3. Write don’t edit
  4. You can do it

Overthinking The Problem

Overthinking The Problem

What I am saying in the simplest of terms is that if we are physically able to think and we are physically able to write, then we can compose any content, any article or even any book, be it fictional or non-fiction! It is that simple.

So to be able to write a 500-word article “You Can Think; You Can Write.” I will need to think and write down about 750 words of my thoughts on the subject.

Negative Self-Talk

I am good enough!

My other task is to copy down and type out my thoughts until I have completed the work of “mind-wandering” around this subject in about 750 words.

On reaching my goal, then I know that with editing, I will be able to complete a structured article of around 500 words or more.

With each thought that we have, we also have an opposing idea that what we have just thought is rubbish or is not good enough, or nobody will be interested.

It is these negative thoughts that we must discard and keep our focus on what it is that we are thinking of and stay on track.

If you wander off the path, hell, write that down too, but don’t stop thinking and don’t stop writing. All the time you are thinking, your subconscious is aware of what you are doing.

All your psyche wants to do, is to protect you from disappointment, by putting contrary thoughts into your mind that will sabotage your journey.

You can beat this negative self-talk by merely knowing it is there, don’t fight it, and continue with the task that you have set yourself.

Keep on thinking, keep on typing, let your brain wander, keep on typing.

Pull the mind back, get back on topic and keep on typing; this is all I am doing right now! In only a few minutes, I have hacked out over 400 words.

Write Don’t Edit

You Can Write - The Creation Process is in The Writing Not The Editing

I have set my goal to be 500 words. Though my real goal is 750 words as I will lose a large chunk in the editing stage. I also want to prove the concept. It works! I desire that you, no, everyone, believe that this works. Go ahead, try it for yourself. Start thinking and write what you are feeling. Do not pause too long and do not stop until you have completed the task.

A super tool for making this possible is Ilys, which I have reviewed here!

Once your mind is occupied, and your fingers are busy, there will be no temptation to edit-on-the-go. At this point, I am over 500 words.

I do frequently pause, but it is only for one or maybe two seconds before another thought jumps into my head, and I am busy again typing to keep up.

Once I relax, my thoughts jump into gear again, and I’m off! There isn’t any time to worry about “can I complete the task?” Just do it!

It is like thinking out loud, but all I can hear is the tap, tap, tapping, as my fingers are hitting the keyboard. My pace is increasing.

I am looking forward to reaching my 750-word target, so I can slow down a bit and edit the text and knock it into some publishable shape.

You Can Do It!

You Can Write - Don't Compare Yourself to Others

How are you getting on? You are thinking, aren’t you? Great! So, why aren’t you typing? Keep typing! Don’t over analyse.

When you have finished typing one thought, let the mind continue your story and start typing again. So it remains.

Can there be a better way to write?


In the past, I would sit for hours with a blank page, all the time I was wondering, I have nothing to write about, when in fact I should have been typing “I have nothing to write about”!

If you can think, you can type. Get typing! Stop analysing!

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10 thoughts on “You Can Think; You Can Write.”

  1. I wanted to write my first article for my blog tonight and I gave up after the first paragraph. I always thought writing was so easy but when I picked up my pen, I didn’t just know what to write. I’ll take your advice, I was trying to make it too perfect. Next time I’ll just write my thoughts as I have them and edit thereafter. Thanks for the tip

    • Hi Louis.

      Perfection is the enemy of the writer. Just write and enjoy the experience. Once you have put your thoughts down on paper, only then is it time to edit. If the process fills you with fear, then schedule to write just 250 words per day, every day. One thousand, seven hundred and fifty words a week is way better than none at all.

  2. Hi Paul Evans,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a great information about You can think; You can write.I am confident about myself by reading your article.I have never thought that I can actually think and write it. After reading your article I could understand that I can think and write it.I will share this article with my friends.Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    • Hi Md Moinul,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It is incredible that we speak at around 130 words a minute or 2-3 words per second. 

      If we are out with four friends for an evening, say four hours. The conversation is flowing say for 45 minutes out of every hour. I will be conservative and state that we are all being patient and polite and only one person is speaking at one time. Let’s look at the numbers. 

      That’s 45 minutes times 4 hours or 180 minutes of total conversation. If everyone is speaking at an average of 130 words per minute then a total of 130 words times 180 minutes have been expressed, or 23,400 words during the evening. If we now divide that up by the four friends evenly, then each person spoke on average 5,850 words for the evening. 

      If we throw into the pot, time spent with work-colleagues, and with family, it is entirely feasible that the average sociable person would speak anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 words a day. 

      So how come we struggle to write just 1,500 or even 500 words in one sitting? I ask myself this every day!

  3. Wow! this is really great, of a truth we spend so much time thinking on what to write but in essence if you just start writing you will realized that you have written a lot of article within those few times and sometime it is very necessary not to interrupt the brain from the flow of ideas by pausing to edit when you are yet to finish. There is also the need to put down any idea that comes to your mind immediately. Thank you for this write up

    • Hi Favour,

      Thank you for leaving your comment. Write don’t edit,  got me too when I realised where I had been going wrong. Don’t over think your writing. We have plenty of time for editing and refining what we have written once we have completed the article. If we try to edit while we write, then invariably we will be looking at a blank screen.

  4. You have just added some energy to my life now. I have always been asking myself if I can really write article. I always feel my writing skills is not good enough and I really need to work on myself. Thanks for this article because you actually made me to rethink and know that if I can think it , then I can write it.

    • Hi Kenechi,

      Thank you for leaving your comment. I am pleased that I have been of help to you. If I think that I cannot write, it will manifest itself to be true. So, I think therefore I can write. I am happy with that.

  5. I love your story, I think you do a great job of explaining the process of writing, just writing while the thoughts are there in your mind and not stopping to edit. 

    I really enjoy writing, WordPress is my comfort zone, I have a problem with getting distracted a lot with so many other things going on, but maybe that will change, I hope, after all, this is a business and it’s our future.

    I really enjoyed your blog post and I know it will definitely help out others who read it as well, thanks.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thank you so for your comments. When I realised my mistakes for myself, I wanted to share it with the world. Writing should not be hard for anyone. What we tend to do is analyse what they are about to write, and this is what holds them back. Just write! Leave the analysis to the editing.

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